House Wash & Building wash 

Our House Washing Service Will Have Your Property Looking New Again​

Think of a house wash or building cleaning as a warrant of fitness for your premises. When atmospheric pollutants such as sea salt dissolve in the moisture layer on a metal, they can significantly increase the rate of corrosion. Fungus, moss & mould attack the materials on which it spreads on and if left untreated, mould colonies grow and materials weaken, its not long before rot sets in and extensive repairs are required. 

What we doUsing the correct method for application whether that be soft, medium or hard wash we apply product that effectively attacks and destroys all forms of mould, mildew and lichens. It is environmentally safe and offers little to no harm to plants and animals. The building washing product we use is a unique blend of biodegradable chemicals designed to clean building exteriors, grease stains, oil, soil build up, mould, mildew and dirt. Building wash will not damage plants, and is safe on all painted surfaces.

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